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Paul A Demonbreun CPA

Certified public accounting firm in Nashville, Tennessee.

Professional Accountant in Nashville, Tennessee.

Paul A Demonbreun CPA is a certified public accounting firm, founded in 1990, and located in Nashville, Tennessee. The firm serves clients throughout the Middle Tennessee area in a wide variety of industries, including; retail, wholesale, manufacturing, construction, and service business.


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Founded in 1990, and located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Small Businesses

Individual and business tax return preparation including individual income tax returns.

Income Tax

Analysis of prior and current tax returns to determine tax strategies to reduce income tax reliability.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services assist business owners with preparing monthly, quarterly and annual business and personal financial statements and income tax returns

Financial Statement

Analyzing financial statements to determine relationships contributing to company profitability.

Business Consultants

Analyzing financial statements to determine relationships contributing to company profitability or lack thereof. 

Analyzing financial statements to determine relationships contributing to company profitability or lack thereof. Cash flow and income projections of business future plans, lease versus buy analysis, review of existing or proposed business benefit and retirement programs, and other services helpful to small and midsize businesses and their owners


Monthly, quarterly, and annual computerized bookkeeping services.


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Happy to discuss the services we could provide for you. We believe in developing close, personal, and caring relationships with our clients to identify and serve their needs.

Paul Demonbreun

Paul Demonbreun graduated from Lipscomb University in 1979. He worked for national and local accounting firms from 1979 to 1990. In 1990 he decided to open his own firm with primary emphasis on serving small to midsize companies and the owners of those businesses.

Accounting Tips

Give Payment Incentives and Rewards

Whether you’re pricing your goods for your store or you’re sending an invoice it’s always a good idea to give your customers incentive to make payments. For online and in-store payments make sure you mark-up your products slightly above your ideal margins so you can offer discounts. Consumers love getting more bang for their buck…

Utilize Current Payment Technology and Software

This is one of the best tips I can give any freelancer or small business. Writing paper checks and keeping folders of invoices is a guaranteed accounting nightmare. It may seem manageable when you’re small, but if you plan on effectively scaling your business you need to use a cloud accounting service…

Keep a Cash Reserve

In business and in life you should always have a contingency plan. It’s common for small business owners to dump excess cash back into their business to scale. This is a good practice only if you’re putting a small portion into cash reserves. Most financial analysts suggest having at least three months of runway (basic operating expenses) on hand at all times…


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